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About Meoyani

Meoyani was originally the name Mandy gave her very first art account. She has been drawing since before she can remember, but she was 13 when she began doing digital art. In high school, she set her art page aside, feeling it wasn't good enough. But after learning more about what she wanted, and more about who she was, she decided to give selling her art another go. In 2016, Mandy opened this shop under a different name. It wasn't quite ready yet, and she still didn't really know what she wanted to draw, design, and sell.  However, her love for animals led her to becoming a dog trainer, and eventually, a dog groomer. This passion moved into wanting fun, new collars for her own dog. Bringing her love for animals and art together, she learned to print and sew her own collar designs. With this new passion discovered, her shop was set aside until 2020, the year everything hit the fan. But, for some reason Mandy knew it was time to combine her love of pets and art, and re-open her shop. She updated everything, and chose the name "Meoyani", going back to that 13-year-old girl that had a dream of being a professional artist. This shop is still a major learning experience for Mandy.  She is determined to share her love of art, pets, and nerdy things with those who care. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and to view and support this shop.


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